HOW TO USE A Best Interior Designer in Lahore TO COMPLETE YOUR NEW BUILD in 2023

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Custom home building takes time, Best Interior Designer in Lahore. Finally, you enter your new home and think, “Great… “What now?” After spending a year or more making selections to build the house, it might be disheartening to learn you now have to make more decisions and spend more money to furnish it. Indeed, many homeowners are so exhausted by this time that it takes another 1-2 years to ultimately construct the interiors they’ve always wanted—even if it’s a mix of old and new possessions.

Instead, budget and include your furnishings from the outset to save time, effort, and money (in the long run!). The project is finished when you get the keys. Then you can relax.

Today, I’ll describe how a designer can prevent this during new Best Interior Designer in Lahore. Designer collaboration: when should you start? How can we help you invest intelligently and merge old and new? Visit…


General contractors and architects probably spring to mind while building a new home. An architect develops the house’s bones, and a general contractor builds it, but they don’t design interiors. Furniture placement isn’t their duty. (3 Reasons Your Builder Isn’t Your Designer)

How can you arrange for furnishings while building a house? Thanks for asking. You can start or build. Let’s compare pros and cons…

Plan furnishings before construction

When a designer works with the architect to produce a furniture plan, we can show you how your furniture interacts with the home’s structure. What am I saying? For instance…

Consider your home’s footprint and how you’ll use it. We may then create a furniture layout with proper flow and function. This lets us know where goods will go before we choose them.

Why should you know this before building?

This shows the architect where to wire a chandelier or pendants over a dining room table. Imagine if the lighting was off-center or near your dining table? Planning the furniture layout in a living room, especially around a focal point like a built-in or fireplace, helps us communicate outlet placement and height.

These are just two examples—every room in your house has similar situations! Planning your furniture helps you avoid unpleasant or difficult living circumstances and extra costs if/when you fix them.

Pros: • Guarantees a move-in-ready home with furnishings you love (old and new) • More likely to result in spaces that fit your family’s lifestyle • Better overall flow from room to room • Helps guide the placement of electrical wiring, outlets, plumbing, and vents • Can avoid expensive modifications later • More cost-efficient long-term • Requires hiring a design professional at the start of your project (which could result in a larger upfront expense)


For the reasons described above, it is best to involve an interior designer early in the new construction process. What if you need extra time to decide before construction begins?

OK. I understand decision fatigue. (We’ll make it easy and stress-free!)

If you can’t think of furniture before building, start while your house is being built. This provides us time to design an interior, schedule orders, and install before you move in.

Start early since furnishing can take 6+ months:

Allows design flexibility.

Guarantees a move-in-ready house.

Professionally styled interiors are personal, elegant, and long-lasting.

Less design impact in unfurnished rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, and permanent finishes such as hardwood floors and tile

Must work with existing footprint and electrical layout, resulting in less-than-ideal situations

When does real ordering begin?

In all cases, we choose our furniture after Best Interior Designer in Lahore, even while working with a designer from the outset. This is delayed gratification. The fun begins when the drywall is installed and the house starts to look like a home!

It’s amazing building my families bespoke home

Building a home is exciting. Customize everything. You see the foundation poured, walls erected, and windows installed. Being able to move in and enjoy your new house is unmatched joy. Please ask me how I can help you relax and de-stress. Contact me here, and we’ll help you Interior Designer in Lahore.

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