Prime Position SEO General How Quality Food Packaging Affects The Profitability Of The Company

How Quality Food Packaging Affects The Profitability Of The Company

Food Packaging

While transporting and getting your products to market usually require packaging, it also presents a significant opportunity to boost sales. 72% of consumers, according to a recent survey, say that packaging design influences their buying decisions. You need to invest more in good food and bakery packaging that can make customers wow your brand to ensure you gain a great opportunity to lead the market.

The Importance of Good Food Packaging and Why it Increases Profitability

Is the packaging of good food products important? Absolutely. Today’s businesses and their customers rely on packaging for various essential functions, including practical ones related to marketing, sales, and brand awareness.

Food Product Protection

One important function of packaging is keeping food products safe while they are transported and until the customer opens the package. Suppose the product is damaged when the customer receives it. In that case, they will also have a negative impression of your business, and you will probably have to either replace the item or return the customer’s money. Additionally, the packaging design must be so straightforward that it requires minimum effort to open the box, remove the item and then pack again after use. This improves the customer experience.

Food Product Identification

Another useful function of packaging is to assist consumers in product identification. The consumer should be able to quickly identify the contents of the package if the packaging contains sufficient text, images, and other forms of communication. Packaging variations, such as color variations, can also be useful in identifying distinct product models within a single brand.

Product and Brand Awareness

Packaging that incorporates brand elements like logos, colors, and fonts can also assist customers in identifying the manufacturer of a product. Additionally, it can help new customers become more familiar with your brand and increase awareness. Packaging should reflect the company’s brand personality and create brand awareness in the best possible manner.

Good food packaging and more sales

Since more than seven out of ten customers say that packaging influences their buying decisions, businesses need to think about their packaging from a marketing, sales, and functionality perspective. How are sales affected by packaging?


Great Packaging When consumers are presented with various product options, whether in a store or online, product packaging is a major factor in their decision-making. Customers need more information before buying, so it’s a win for them if the information is on the packaging. It saves them many search costs and makes them happy. Many people will choose a product whose packaging grabs their attention. Similarly, many people buy the item only because it has attractive packaging.

When a product is taken off the shelf, customers frequently read the label to make sure it is the right one for them. Therefore, the information you put on your packaging greatly impacts customers’ decisions. You must give adequate data and do so in an effectively discernible and reasonable manner.


Packaging for marketing can also be a useful online marketing tool. On social media, customers may post pictures of packaging that looks good or is one-of-a-kind. This helps create awareness about the food items and works as a recommendation tool for potential buyers from old buyers. A survey was conducted recently to know the customers’ opinions about the packaging, and 60% answered that they want to buy good and funky packaging rather than boring brown or plain packaging. Additionally, popular are unboxing videos, in which a person opens a product package. 35% of the people who took the survey said they had watched an unboxing video, and 55% of those said the video made them buy the product.

Impact of Food Packaging on Consumer Buying Behavior

Packaging impacts sales because it strictly impacts the customers’ perceptions of the product. In the Netherlands, a survey was conducted in which the candidates were asked to categorize different dairy images and packaging styles. They discovered that participants’ perceptions of the products were significantly influenced by the packaging, particularly the color of the packaging.

According to a study published in the journal Psychology & Marketing, product packaging also affects customers’ emotions. While participants viewed a variety of packaging, the researchers measured brain activity with an fMRI machine. They discovered that when participants saw appealing packaging, their brain activity increased, including in reward-related areas. On the contrary, poor food packaging initiates feelings of distress and negativity. These feelings likely influence purchase decisions.

Packaging color is very much important when deciding on the whole packaging. Studies have shown red to be stimulating and speed up our heart rates. The food industry mostly incorporates this in the packaging because it may make people eat more. We are also affected psychologically by the packaging’s shape.

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