Some Tips for IELTS Listening Test to Score High

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IELTS Listening Test to Score High

The answer is yes! There are some things you need to do before the exam, and some things you need to pay attention to on the exam. By following these tips, you can considerably improve your score and even get a band 9! You will find here top 5 IELTS Listening tips to get a desired score on IELTS Listening test:

Yes, I am aware that reading about IELTS advice can help you get over test-day jitters and correct your mistakes. However, the listening component is entirely different and requires professional assistance or guidance for practice. It takes a lot of practice to get good at IELTS listening. Join an IELTS coaching programme to practice for your test with high-quality study materials. If you want to apply to the top university for study abroad, you should begin your IELTS preparation right away. Additionally, you can get expert assistance from Jagvimal Consultants and Institute, which offers the best IELTS Coaching in Panchkula and is currently offered in numerous other Indian cities.

IELTS Listening Practice Tests

You can find complete IELTS Listening Tests and their solutions here. Every test is updated regularly and has sections that match those on the actual exam.

Tips for IELTS Listening Test

Simply follow these steps to calculate your IELTS Listening score:

  • Select a test from the list below, and then click on the introduction page.
  • Answer the questions while the audio is playing.
  • Press “check” when you are finished with the section to see the right and wrong answers as well as your score.
  • As you move on to the following section, repeat the process.
  • Click “Get result” once you’ve completed the fourth section.


Because you can learn so much more from them, thinking back on your mistakes is more crucial than thinking back on your accomplishments.

What’s the simplest way to improve on your areas of weakness?

Capturing Them!

Make it a habit to note words that you frequently misspell, mispronounce, or mishear in a notebook and with a pen.

You can easily identify patterns in your weaknesses and get a better understanding of the errors that are hurting your grades by making note of these.

Love it!

To Enjoy Hearing

It will be simpler to do something consistently if you enjoy doing it. It’s not always necessary for studying to be tedious or boring.

You have an endless supply of educational resources at your disposal if you are reading this article. A podcast, YouTube video, or Ted Talk that interests you can be found at any time using your smartphone or laptop.

You Shouldn’t Always Listen To IELTS-Related Material

Actually, it most certainly shouldn’t!

IELTS Listening tests your ability to comprehend English in a practical setting, and native English speakers rarely bring up the IELTS exam!


It’s very simple to drift off when listening to English if you’re not used to it.

One of the biggest risks in the IELTS Listening section is this. Even a brief moment of distraction can eliminate your chance of earning a Band 8.

For instance, being disorganized could cause you to misread a question, which would then be perplexing and make it challenging to think clearly about the solution. It’s very simple for things to get out of hand at this point, and if you panic, you’ll lose even more concentration and points.

So, how can one maintain their focus the best?

Take Care of Yourself

Simple lifestyle changes like altering your eating habits, opting to walk instead of drive, increasing your exercise frequency, and drinking more water will all help you stay focused.

These straightforward actions will improve your mentality and productivity both during the exam and in daily life, enabling you to handle stress much better and concentrate on what matters.

Get Ready

Understand what to anticipate on test day and how to handle it.

The only thing left to do is use the information at your disposal to accurately anticipate the specific types of questions that will be asked.

We make sure that our students are aware of the questions that will be asked and how to methodically respond to them. But this preparation is accomplished through regular practice, direct criticism, and reflection. Because of this preparation, our students won’t be caught off guard on test day, which will make it simpler for them to concentrate on the exam.

I won’t claim that thorough preparation will make you less anxious. You are perfectly entitled to feel anxious and stressed. However, being ready will give you the assurance you need to manage your stress and capitalize on it.

Don’t Book the Test Until You Are Confident

We receive emails from fans of our pages on Facebook and YouTube every single day asking them to enroll in our VIP Course. So they can study for the upcoming IELTS exam.

We must decline them each and every time.

This is because we don’t think its right to demand money from those we are unable to assist. Unfortunately, we are unable to assist those who don’t give themselves enough time to study for the exam.

Don’t Rush To Schedule the Test

Above all, setting an arbitrary deadline for yourself will subject you to extreme pressure that is both harmful and preventable.

There is no reason why you shouldn’t be able to obtain an IELTS Band 8 in listening. If you adhere to the aforementioned guidelines and give yourself a reasonable amount of time. This will then give you the chance to obtain the career, visa, or educational opportunity of a lifetime.

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