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Falmouth University
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A multi-arts institution called Falmouth University is located in Cornwall along the south-west coast of England. It is spread out over two campuses, one in the nearby town of Penryn and the other in Falmouth. And it was initially founded in 1902, and in 2012 it was formally recognised as a university. It currently provides degrees in advertising, architecture performance, and marketing in addition to traditional fine art topics. Falmouth has had substantial growth and investment in recent years, and in 2017 a new media centre was opened, offering courses in photography and animation. The group has created a library and teaching space called The Exchange in collaboration with the University of Exeter, which conducts research on sustainable development and the digital economy. 

In the most recent Times Higher Education Student Experience Survey, Falmouth students ranked the university top in the UK for campus life, library management, and student welfare. Its course offerings span the breadth of the creative industries, from gaming, music, and film to art, design, and fashion.

Falmouth University

Students have access to high-quality, innovative resources. They collaborate with numerous specialised organisations from the UK and abroad at Falmouth University. Students have greater opportunities thanks to these organisations, which also guarantee access to top-notch higher education in the creative industries. They have selected partners who uphold the same standards of excellence. They include institutions that offer courses at various levels and in various formats from higher, further, and private schooling providers across the globe and in the UK. 

Students may begin their studies at Falmouth University or one of its partner associations, but they must transfer to a different institution to complete their degrees. They receive funds from the partner association and Falmouth University near the completion of their study.

The Academic Skills Group offers suggestions on the skills necessary for academic studies. The topics that consultants might discuss with students range from time management and essay writing to giving presentations, planning, and conducting research for dissertations. Second- or third-year students from each course serve as student guides. Each new undergraduate student at Falmouth has a student coach who serves as a familiar face and point of contact for any questions they might have during their first year. 

The course amenities include a TV studio and exhibition, professional quality photographic equipment, superior computerised manufacturing technologies, and performance and recording studios.

For assistance with their career choices, students can individually contact the employability groups on both campuses. Support includes assistance in locating part-time employment while attending college, placement and internship possibilities, guidance with resumes, applications, and interviews, freelancing, and business startup. Falmouth also provides chances to earn a degree while living or working overseas. Students can receive assistance from the Erasmus and Study Abroad Group in planning this enriching experience.

International Student Services

On the Ask a Student portal on the university website, prospective students and candidates can communicate with existing students from all over the world.

Also There is an international organisation at Falmouth University where students can get together, mingle, and participate in outings to various sites of historical or cultural interest. The University provides free social English lessons, CV writing workshops, and a variety of subject-specific language courses.

At the start of the term, there is also a pickup service from London Heathrow Airport.

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