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Himalayan salt
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There’s no denying the popularity of Pink Himalayan salt these days. Whether you use it for cooking, have a beautiful bright salt lamp in your home or a beautiful block of pink salt in your kitchen, this salt is great.

The pink to deep pink color of Himalayan salt distinguishes it from other salts. The tiny sparkling crystals of Himalayan salt are not only beautiful, but the beautiful pink color adds to their innate beauty.

Himalayan salt is available in small containers lined up on supermarket shelves or stored in kitchen cabinets. In this article, we will investigate why Himalayan salt has a pink color.

What is Himalayan salt?

This pink salt, which has been deposited under rocks and lava for centuries, is pure because it does not contain impurities. Originally used as a table substitute, this pink Himalayas rock contains over 80 minerals. It is obtained only from the Kewra salt mines in Pakistan.

Himalayan salt comes in crystals of various sizes and colors, from pink to orange-red. Let’s explore the origin of Himalayan rock and why it has such a beautiful color.

Origin of Himalayan salt

The texture and color of rock salt is determined by its source. To understand why Himalayas salts is pink, we need to understand where it came from.

Salt marshes developed as a result of ocean erosion 800 million years ago. The salt bed was then compressed by tectonic and environmental forces and buried in lava at the foot of the Himalayas, one of the world’s largest and most important mountain ranges. The salts have been there for centuries, but the surrounding lava has prevented other impurities from entering.

Each grain-sized rock salt is made entirely by hand, even by workers, by breaking large blocks of salt into very small crystals.

Himalayan rock is said to be unprocessed and pure. As a result, it is often used in health and beauty products.

Why Himalayan Salt Pink?

Learn more about what rock salt is made of and why pink Himalayan salt from Pakistan is pink.

Himalayas rock contains various minerals. The chemical formula of pink salts is NaCl. Mainly sodium and chloride, but contains 84 minerals. And if you’re wondering what the main ingredient of rock salt is, you know the answer.

Himalayas rock salts contains elements and minerals that give it its pink color. Minerals include iron, zinc, manganese and potassium. On the other hand, there are elements such as oxygen, potassium, magnesium, calcium and hydrogen. The minerals in the Himalayan salts make it very beneficial.

The presence of traces of iron oxide is responsible for the pink color of this salt. Iron is also responsible for the red color of heme that forms blood. The pink color of this salt makes it different from others. Did you know that Himalaya pink salt has more minerals than table?

Is Himalayan rock salt useful because it is pink in color?

Pink Himalaya salts has many uses, one of which is to add color and flavor to food. The pink color said to give it other properties that are superior to traditional table. But these reasons are not supported by scientific theory. This form of marketing is used by many people to sell rock salt products.

There is no doubt that these Himalayan salt products are good for you, but they are not the pink color of rock; Because it is a mineral that gives its color.

Various pink Himalayan salt products

You’ve probably seen pink salt in two forms: edible pink salt, which is popular for seasoning and cooking, and a more unusual version: salt lamps.

A large chunk of pink salt is carved into the bottom to make room for the bulb and wires, creating a pleasant atmosphere when illuminated with pink salt lamps.

Users of Pink salts lamps claim that they can relax you, improve your mood, and provide a variety of other therapeutic benefits, but these claims have not been scientifically verified.

Additionally, this versatile salt is available as pet mineral spoons, salt inhalers, salt bricks, and cooking blocks.

There are many salt exporters from Pakistan but Standard salts are one of the largest manufacturers of Himalayan salt and export to Europe, Russia, Spain, Arab Emirate, and the USA.

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