3 Free and Easy Ways to Cut a Video on Mac  

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When you find a fun clip or a favorite scene in a video, you may want to cut and create a short video. It will only require basic knowledge and just a few steps. You don’t have to watch long tutorials to learn how to trim a video. You can easily do it by yourself by some easy methods mentioned in this blog.   

When a video’s length is too long, you may want to trim it to a shorter duration. For example, you may want to send a segment of a video to someone. Downloading and uploading videos can take noticeably long when you don’t have a service from a reliable provider like Charter Spectrum or some other top ISP. So, learning how to trim can come in handy.  

Here are the methods cut a video:  

QuickTime Player  

QuickTime Player is the default video player of Mac devices. Besides playing video clips, you can also use the app to cut videos too. This feature of the QuickTime Player as you can decide the duration to cut whatever catches your attention. Since it is basically a video player and not a complete editor, you do not any advanced features like cropping or adding your watermark. But it is good enough for cutting videos quickly.   

Take the following steps to cut a video:  

  • Find the clip you want to cut in the QuickTime Player.   
  • Select the Edit option from the menu bar. A timeline with different frames will appear on your screen with Trim and Cancel options on the right.   
  • Either play the video to set the markers for trimming or use the mouse to drag and mark the points you want to trim.   
  • You will see a preview of the trimmed video. Confirm that it is accurately marked.   
  • After confirmation, click on the Trim button to trim the video.   
  • Select the format, name, and location of your choice. Click the save button and you are done.   


If QuickTime Player seems too simplistic and limiting, try proper editing software. iMovie is the default editing software for Macs and iPhones. So, you have many more options to choose from. But the feature-rich dashboard can look quite intimidating to users who have no previous experience with editing applications. However, cutting a video on the software is relatively easy and can be a good starting point for you to learn how to use this application.   

Here are the steps you need to take to cut a video:   

  • Open the iMovie app on your Mac. Click on the Create New option and select the Movie option.   
  • Select the Import Media option and choose the video you want to cut.   
  • Click on the Modify option and select the Split Video option from the list of options that appear on your screen.  
  • Set the markers for the beginning and end of the video on the timeline in the same way as with QuickTime Player.   
  • After trimming the video, click on the Share button in the top right corner.   
  • Name your video, and choose the resolution and location on your device.   

Video Cutter Online  

If you have good internet for uploading and downloading, you can also go online to cut a video. The process is super simple but can be a bit time-consuming. On top of that, the options are quite straightforward and may seem a bit limiting. But for people who don’t want to get confused with a series of options and buttons, the option can be quite useful.   

Take the following easy steps to cut a video:   

  • Open your browser and find the online video cutter website. Do not click on similar other results because the process can be different.   
  • Click on the “Choose File” button or simply drag and drop the video you want to cut. It will start uploading. The process can take a while.  
  • Set the markers on the timeline of the video to edit like with other methods on the list.   
  • You get the option to rotate the video and select the resolution.   
  • Select the save button when your markers are accurately placed. Based on the length and resolution, your video will take a while to prepare.   
  • Press the download button once your video is ready. It will again take a while for you.   


So, these three ways you can easily trim and cut any video of your liking straight from the Mac. If you notice a good chunk while playing a video, head straight to the QuickTime Player’s editing option. Or if you have fast internet, and you need options like rotation, use the Online Video Cutter app. Lastly, if you want a complete variety of options, use the iMovie software.   

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