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KBC Complaint Number
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KBC Complaint Number 2023 is valid for 12 hours a day. Airtel or any SIM subscribers can call this number to hear answers to all questions raised at KBC since its launch on Sony TV.

12 hours a day from 9 am to 9 pm, otherwise it will not work.

You can contact our customer support team directly by calling this number 0019197097959. Apart from this number, you cannot call any other number at KBC Headquarters. He is the main figure of Kaun Banega Crorepati. All other numbers and websites are fake. KBC have two offices in Delhi Kaun Banega Crorepati is headquartered in New Delhi. Our support desk is located in Dehli.


(KBC) Kaun Banega Crorepati is an Indian video game show. Participants can win the highest cash prizes by correctly answering 12 consecutive multiple-choice questions. Is this the first edition of the global franchise for the one who wants to be a millionaire? Television format created by British production company Celador International.
The show’s title itself is an Indian translation of a quote from an English film. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest (1975), which has become a classic since its release. It was hosted by Megastar Amitabh Bachchan. KBC was the first broadcast on Sony TV in 2000.

Contact the KBC office

  • To contact the KBC office, call +199197097959
  • Only during business hours
  • From 9 am to 9 pm

Hear the instructions on how to report KBC Lottery Fraud.
If you call after office hours, you can leave your name and phone number on voicemail. You may contact us during normal business hours, Monday through Saturday, from 9:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
After you submit your question, the answer to your question sent to you via email. You can also contact WhatsApp regarding this matter, all questions will also be answered via WhatsApp.

KBC Mumbai Headquarters Lottery Phone Number:

KBC Complaint Number 2023 is 0019197097959. If you, your friends, family or relatives are scammed, you can register a complaint. Dehli has leading data protection to protect your information and the data you provide to fraudsters. Your protection is our top priority. Our representatives are available 24/7 in our office to guide and protect you from counterfeit goods.

KBC Customer Service Number:

To support KBC contact numbers, you must call the toll-free number of Support KBC 0019197097959 from a mobile, landline, WhatsApp or another device.

For issues with lottery tickets, bank transfers of lottery amounts and complaints of fake calls, you can contact KBC Customer Service at the KBC Complaint Number 2023 0019197097959.

KBC Delhi Headquarters

If you have won the KBC lottery and want to get information about it or transfer the lottery card to your bank account. You should contact the Delhi office. Also, the Delhi Customer Support Team No. is 0019197097959. Complaints can,t registered at KBC’s Delhi Headquarters.

Real KBC Lottery flagship store:

This week’s KBC lottery winning No.

is 0019197097959. KBC’s Rs.25 lakh lottery will award winners Rs. This is an opportunity offered only KBC, send a message to the winner’s mobile No.that he has won 250,000 rupees. This 0019197097959 is the No. of KBC Headquarters in Kolkata where the winner will get 25,000 rupees cash in their account.

Everyone knows KBC well because of its huge success. The number is small, a maximum of 10 million, If you come to KBC headquarters and tell them about the derivative, you will receive a prize.

KBC has contacted the list of Indian SIM card winners

Learn more about KBC Contact All India 2023 KBC Contact sim card Kaun Banega Crorepati India’s most popular TV show. The show was hosted by Amitabh Bachchan, the beloved actor and performer of our time and an inspiration to all. The show is very popular among the audience.
KBC has contacted the list of Indian SIM card winners.

Amitabh Bachchan Secretary Number

It is easy to contact KBC Complaint Number 2023 0019197097959 and no doubt everyone is looking for entertainment programmes. One of the biggest shows of this era is KBC or Kaung Banega Crorepati. This is one of the biggest quiz software that you can find in India. It has a nice distribution…

KBC Jio Lottery Winners:

Ashok Kumar Mehra won 1 billion rupees after buying Jio lottery tickets from
Ashok was surprised to see his name on the list of winners published in newspaper. He got a prize of 1 billion rupees from the Jio lottery office. The winner of KBC is Ashok Kumar Mehra. A man from Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh, announced the winner of INR 10 crore in the lucky draw online by India’s most important telecom operator Reliance Geo on March 19, 2021.

Our services and policies:

KBC offers many services like an online lottery check for 5000 SIM cards, lucky draw winners list. KBC Complaint Number 2023 to contact managers and send digital payments to bank accounts.

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