5-Minute Team-Building Games for Webinar Meetings

Webinar Meeting
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Everyone wants to make their webinar fun and enjoyable for the audience. That’s why the webinar platform searches for activities that can be helpful in adding some fun to your events.

So, here is a comprehensive blog for you with various options to choose from and make your event enjoyable.

1. Ask Everyone to Share Emojis That Describe Their Present Mood the Best

The webinar event live streaming services provide the audiences with emoticons that can be helpful in sharing their experience and understanding with the speakers in real time. Hence, you can ask your audiences to share their current mood with everyone attending the webinar using different smiley, laugh, thumbs up, and other emojis. It can be helpful in improvising a little and starting your webinar session in a more intellectual way, making the audience forget their mood and engage with your webinar.

2. Share One Unique And One Strange Thing About Yourselves

You can play a game where everyone has to do or share a unique and strange thing about themselves. This activity can raise the fun bar with the laughter of your audience. Furthermore, they can share various types of crazy stuff that can increase the uniqueness and strangeness of the automated webinar. For instance, anything related to touching their nose with their tongue, crazy dance moves, and more.

3. Create a Virtual Tale by Adding Lines by Lines

The virtual webinar platforms experts suggest creating a story or song with your webinar attendees. It is the most fun and entertaining way to keep your audiences interested in participating and creating some enjoyable moments. Furthermore, you can make one user start with one line or give them a line to start the deck. Also, you can make the audience join one line to another and create a fun story. You can do similar by taking a poem or Shayari and more. This way, you can build some fun and entertaining aspects for your audiences.

4. Ask a Fact About Other Person and Let Them Guess Who Said It

This game requires some pre-work before you start the game in the webinar. You have to send a small message via text or email to the employers sharing a fact about any of their colleagues. They can revert back to you on time. Then you can ask about that fact in the webinar making the person guess who said this about them. The interactive webinar platforms experts suggest using the right lines and saving people from sharing the information with others.

5. Divide Teams and Make Them Solve Exciting Riddles

Riddles is a game that can take out the child of a person. Hence, you can use it as an engagement tool that can help you get the attention of your audience without hassle. You can start by dividing different teams which can be helpful in boosting the bond between them by making work on the same project together.

Assign a riddle to everyone and announce the winner who solves it in the first place. This activity may sound simple and easy, but it can boost engagement among your audiences without hassle.

6. Ask Your Employees to Describe Themselves Using 4Cs!

The C in the C4 game stands for the car, color, cartoon character, cuisine, and anything. This activity is about comparing yourself with any of these and sharing how similar you are. It may sound like a boring game. However, your webinar participants will love it. Furthermore, they are getting a chance to express themselves.

Also, you can add a twist and turn to this game by asking them to give to each other. Hence, your employees can name their colleagues and give an exciting and fun start to your event.

7. Don’t Forget the Youngster’s Favorite Never Have I Ever!

You can play the game, never have I ever, on a drinking night with your employees and teammates. It can be helpful in knowing more about your colleagues and making a more impactful impression. Furthermore, everyone who has done the same as asked has to take a drink.

This way, you will know how adventurous your colleagues are and what they like to do. It is a good team bonding game and a better choice for virtual activities.

8. Ask Them To Share 3 Statements: 2 Are Truths And 1 Lie

You must know 2 truths and 1 lie game. It can be your idea for a quick virtual activity in your webinar. The online webinar platform experts suggest playing this game as it can be helpful to know how much teammates know each other.

Furthermore, everyone can take help from the 3 statements to share something with others.

So, these are the various games that can be helpful in adding to your webinar for a 5-minute quick team-building game. You can integrate seamless and immersive features and functionalities at your meeting with the best Webinar platform. It can boost communication, engagement, and networking opportunities.

Hope, you will find this article beneficial in making your webinar meetings fun with 5-minute team-building activities.

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