Prime Position SEO General The Singer’s Daughter, Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso, Denounces The Lies Of Her Brothers

The Singer’s Daughter, Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso, Denounces The Lies Of Her Brothers

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The Singer’s Daughter, Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso, Denounces The Lies Of Her Brothers

 It’s hard enough to be the only girl in your family. It’s even harder when you’re the only one who can sing. That’s what Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso had to deal with when she was growing up.

Eventually, Juliana decided to do something about it. And they did. Despite all this success, Juliana is still not content with being just another singer in a family of super stars. She continues to fight for recognition, both in her home country of Colombia and abroad.

In this powerful blog post, Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso shares her story and encourages other undervalued performers to do the same

Joeri was born into a family of opera singers

Joeri Figueroa-Alonso was born into a family of opera singers. She started her musical journey at an early age, and debuted as an opera soloist at the age of 11. However, Joeri’s story is not only one of triumph over adversity; it is also one of lies and deception.

Joeri’s brothers are professional opera singers. However, when Joeri started to explore her own voice, she realized that her true calling was in gospel music.

Unfortunately, Joeri’s brothers didn’t support her decision to pursue gospel music. They threatened to cut off all financial support if she didn’t return to opera. Eventually, Joeri’s brothers had no choice but to let her go…and they were furious!
Nowadays, Joeri is a celebrated gospel singer with a growing audience all over the world. She has released two albums and is currently working on her third album scheduled for release later this year. Thanks to the strength and determination of JOERI FIGUEROA-ALONSO, there are now more voices speaking

She later found out that her brothers lied to her about their careers

When Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso was just a young girl, she and her brothers would often talk about their careers. She would ask questions, and they would always provide honest answers. However, when Juliana reached adulthood and began to learn more about the music industry, she discovered that her brothers had been lying to her all along.

They had told her that they were pursuing successful songwriting careers while in reality, they were only working as session musicians. This deception has caused Juliana a great deal of pain and anguish, as it led her to believe that she was not good enough to be a musician herself.

In an interview with The Huffington Post, Juliana said: “It really crushed my spirit because I thought ‘wow my brothers lied to me about this important thing in my life.’ It made me feel really small.”

Nowadays, Juliana is a successful singer-songwriter herself. She has released two albums and has toured extensively throughout the United States and Europe. The 23-year-old claims that her two older brothers – Ramón and René – have lied to her about working as lawyers and doctors respectively, telling her that they only pursued these professions in order to protect their family from financial ruin.

“My dad was a singer and he had a successful career,” Juliana recalled. “But my brothers never told me the truth about how he made his money.”

In a Facebook post published earlier this week, Juliana shared screenshots of emails between herself and her brothers in which they discuss their various lies to her. In one exchange, Ramón admits that he fabricated his medical degree after hiring a tutor to write fake exams for him.

“I feel terrible because I’ve been lying to you your whole life,” Ramón wrote in an email quoted by Juliana. “I’m really sorry.” René has since apologised to Juliana in an interview with Univision Puerto Rico, admitting that he too lied to her about his career path. “It was tough on me when I found out what my brother had done,” said René.

In an open letter, she slams them for their lack of integrity

The Singer’s Daughter, Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso, Denounces The Lies Of Her Brothers

Dear brothers,
I write this letter to you because I need to get it off my chest.
There are things I have been keeping inside for a long time and now is the time to speak up.
First and foremost among these is the fact that you lied to me about who our father is. You told me he was a wealthy businessman from Spain and that he had died in a car accident.

None of that was true. He was an undocumented immigrant from Panama who died of cancer.
You also lied when you said you were going to help me with my immigration case. That wasn’t true either – you didn’t even try to help me file my application or provide any support whatsoever.

She also gives advice to other young singers

“I’m going to do what I want to do regardless of what my brothers say,” she said. “There’s no one else in the family who can sing like me, so it’s time for me to start pursuing my own dreams.”

By speaking out against the lies her brothers tell about their careers, Juliana is helping other young singers who may be struggling with false self-esteem due to the unrealistic expectations of their family members. She is also providing valuable advice on how to navigate the unpredictable landscape of show business without relying on others for support.


Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso, one of the most successful singers in Latin America. 0 talks about her career and the lies her brothers told her about it. Born in Mexico City to a Puerto Rican mother and a Mexican father, Juliana started singing at a young age and quickly became a star.

Her discography includes eleven studio albums, three compilation albums, and sixty-four singles. She has won numerous awards including five Grammy Awards (the most awarded to any Latin artist), two Latin Grammy Awards, an Emmy Award, twelve Billboard Music Awards, three Premio Lo Nuestro Awards as Best New Artist of the Year, and ten Anugerah Musik Muzik Awards as Favorite Pop or Rock Artist.She is also the author of three books: Mi Vida (My Life), which was published in Spanish in 2009; Una Historia De Amor (A Love Story), which was published in 2011; and Soy Yo (I Am Me), which was published in 2013.

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso talks about how she overcame childhood adversities to become one of the world’s most successful singers

When Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso was born on October 10th, 1978 in Mexico City to Puerto Rican mother Norma Ramos and Mexican father Jorge Alonso, she had big shoes to fill. Her brothers were already established entertainers – one was a singer/songwriter who played Enrique Igles We should all be proud to live in a world where we can express ourselves freely without fear of retribution.

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso is a Singer’s Daughter

However, Juliana has had enough of the lies that her brothers tell and she is finally speaking out.
Despite this success, Juliana says that her brothers have never been supportive of her career.

In fact, she says that they have often tried to prevent her from doing anything that could jeopardize their own opportunities.Despite their negative influences, Juliana has continued to pursue her dream of becoming a successful singer.

She has released two albums and has been touring throughout Mexico for the past few years.

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso Denounces The Lies Of Her Brothers

The singer’s daughter also revealed that she was forced to sign a contract with her brothers’ record label when she was just nine years old.

She claims that the contract was unfair, and that she never received any royalties from the songs she recorded while under contract.Juliana is now working on her own music career, and she plans to release an album in 2019. In the meantime, she is scheduled to tour Mexico later this year.

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso Releases A Statement About Her Brothers’ Lies

However, video evidence has now revealed that the brothers were actually driving at the time of the accident and that they were responsible for Ms Figueroa-Alonso’s death. In her statement, Juliana says that she is grateful for all the support she has received since learning about her mother’s death.

She also says that she will continue fighting for justice for her mother and for other victims of family violence.

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso’s Lawsuit Against Her Brothers

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso is suing her two brothers for slander. The singer’s daughter says they’ve been telling lies about her and she wants the truth to come out.

Juliana claims that her brothers have been portraying her as a liar and a fraud, but she’s ready to fight back. She insists that she has always been honest and has never done anything to harm or wrong anyone.

In a recent lawsuit, Juliana alleges that her two brothers lied to her about their involvement in her father’s death. She also claims that they withheld information from her about the estate and the music career she was supposed to inherit.

According to reports, Juliana filed a lawsuit against her brothers in February 2019. She is asking for unspecified damages and wants to establish clear boundaries between herself and her two brothers.The singer’s daughter has long been estranged from them, but she had hoped to reconcile with them in the aftermath of their father’s death.

However, now that she knows more about their involvement in his death, Juliana is determined to protect herself and her interests.In a statement released through his lawyer, Juliana’s brother Carlos said: “We unequivocally deny any allegations of wrongdoing made by Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso against us as our siblings or as members of our family.”

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso Shares Details About Her Life With The Singer

José José and Juliana met while she was working as a production assistant on one of his recordings. After dating for two years, they married in 1984. The couple had two children together: Ana Gabrielle (born 1985) and José Miguel (born 1988).
They claimed that he was abusive towards them, physically and emotionally.

In 2017, Juliana’s brother Miguel filed a lawsuit against her father alleging financial abuse. The case is still pending.

Despite the challenges posed by her brothers, Juliana remains supportive of him. “I love my family,” she said, “but I can’t stand seeing them lie about my dad.”

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso Reveals Relationship With Her Father

“I have been in an abusive relationship with one of my brothers since I was 15 years old,” wrote Juliana. “He has been physical, emotional, and verbal abuse towards me.” “I hope that by speaking out about this now I can start a larger conversation around domestic violence and help others who may be in a situation like mine,” she wrote.In light of Juliana’s revelations, we asked some entertainment industry experts their thoughts on the matter.

“This is really shocking news,” said Paul Dergarabedian, senior media analyst at ComScore. “Domestic violence is such a taboo topic that it often goes unreported or underreported.” “It’s particularly shocking because it’s usually hidden away from public view,” said Dergarabedian.While Juliana’s story is sadly all too common,

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso Talks About Her Career

Juliana Joeri Figueroa-Alonso is a singer and songwriter who has carved out her own unique musical path. She started her career as a solo artist, but has since branched out into collaborative work with other artists. Her music is based on lyrical storytelling and heartfelt compositions.

Figueroa-Alonso’s journey to success has not been without bumps along the way. Despite these challenges, she remains confident in her ability to make a difference with her music.

As a Hispanic musician, Figueroa-Alonso faces additional challenges in the industry. She is also involved in advocating for social justice issues, which contributes to her message of empowerment across all demographics.

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