Prime Position SEO General EDC Clinical Trial Software: What Is it and What Are the Features? 

EDC Clinical Trial Software: What Is it and What Are the Features? 

EDC clinical trial software

EDC clinical trial software is an excellent solution that is typically used by the majority of medical device companies. These tools allow researchers and healthcare professionals to collect, store and manage their patient’s data while dealing with clinical investigations. With the help of EDC, you can now collect data that is complete and accurate. 

In this blog, you will get the scope of grabbing more insights that are related to EDC or Electronic Data Capture. Stay tuned till the very end. 

Electronic Data Capture- What Data Can be Collected in an EDC System? 

Check out some of the pointers that are stated below in this blog: 

  • Demographic data and patient characteristics 
  • Patient history, health status, and vital sign measurements 
  • The treatment group of the patients 
  • Test results and lab reports of the patients 
  • Treatment use and effects 
  • Readings that are shown in patient-attached medical devices such as heart rate, blood pressure, blood glucose, blood glucose level, oxygen saturation, etc.
  • Electrocardiogram data 
  • Tumor assessments 
  • Concomitant medications
  • Death information  

Electronic Data Capture- What Are Some of the Important Features? 

Take a quick look at the pointers mentioned below; you will be able to learn about the crucial features of the EDC software: 

  • Risk management system and randomization of subject 
  • Risk-based monitoring with an approach to safeguard participants in real-time 
  • End-to-end use of CDISC standards 
  • Manage data while dealing with IRB approvals and site information 
  • PRO or Patient-reported outcomes software 
  • Double data entry capability for hybrid studies and paper
  • Standardized codes like Med(DRA) and WHODrug 
  • Accessibility and compatibility with different user languages and web browsers 
  • Reporting options to generate custom and standard reports during the time of clinical trial 
  • Automated coding of medical terms 
  • Automatic query mechanisms 
  • Powerful modules for the purpose of data cleaning 
  • Generation of customized reports 
  • Source data validation 
  • Connected wearables and devices integration 
  • Adverse events reporting modules 
  • Survey data collection 
  • Case-based data collection 
  • Integration with CTMS or Clinical Trial Management System
  • An internal clock (time and date)
  • Activity registry 
  • Access control module 

Electronic Data Capture- How Does an EDC Collect Data? 

The researchers use these three methods to collect data with the help of EDC: 

  • Transcription from electronic sources 
  • Direct data entry 
  • Automatic transmission  

Electronic Data Capture: What Are the Crucial Perks of Using an EDC Software? 

Some of the advantages of EDC clinical trial software or Electronic Data Capture are: 

  • It helps the researchers to streamline the entire process of data collection 
  • EDC enhances security and data authenticity 
  • It improves data quality 
  • Electronic data capture makes clinical data extremely accessible 
  • It tends to reduce clinical operation costs 
  • It is famous for accelerating the completion of clinical studies 
  • It reduces manual hassles in the best possible manner 

Electronic Data Capture- What Are the Quick Facts About EDC? 

Check out the facts stated below: 

  • The interface of EDC is unique, intuitive, and user-friendly 
  • They monitor your overall research and offer real-time reports 
  • It is considered a secure global solution 
  • It collects survey data and boosts the overall quality 
  • It saves, builds, and reuses forms in an effortless manner

Parting Thoughts 

If you are looking forward to selecting an EDC system, all you need is a good technical understanding of your needs and requirements. Don’t forget to consider the budget concerns, necessary features, and system compliance. Home

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