Taking a First Aid and CPR Course

first aid and cpr course
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First Aid and CPR Course

A first aid and CPR course is a great investment in your safety. You’ll save money on medical bills and get instant access to help if you need it. There are several options, including a Vermont Safety Net course, the American Heart Association BLS, and Catalyst Safety Training. All of these programs are backed by a two-year certificate.

Taking a CPR first aid course is an important part of your safety measures. Our Course is just two hours long and includes a certification. You’ll receive a card the same day you take the course.

Our courses are specifically design for people with little or no medical training and are recommended for anyone who wants to be prepared in an emergency. We teach CPR, how to use an AED, and how to handle common injuries and illnesses. The program is flexible and can be taken online.

Approximately 60 percent of training sites have adapted their courses to accommodate learners with disabilities. Adaptations to the training course include a hands-on session with an AHA instructor and an assessment. The course builds upon the foundation of BLS skills and emphasizes team dynamics and continuous quality CPR.

first aid and CPR course

High Quality Training

We offers a first aid and CPR course in a variety of formats. There is an online course as well as a blended learning program. If you prefer eLearning, We also offers virtual training, where you complete an eLearning course while a BLS training center faculty member demonstrates the skills. Both courses are design to provide high-quality training.

Upon completion, you’ll receive a certificate and NRP certification from the American Heart Association. Be sure to bring your student ID with you to the class. If the course is reschedule, you’ll need to pay a reschedule fee.

We offers a BLS course, which trains healthcare professionals to perform first aid and CPR course. The course is mandatory for most healthcare professionals, including emergency responders, respiratory therapists, physicians, and dental assistants. However, it can also be useful for students to help them prepare for careers in health care.

first aid and CPR course

CPR Skills

If you’re planning on working in the healthcare industry, it’s important to have basic CPR skills. The American Heart Association also has guidelines for emergency cardiovascular care and choking. These are helpful in preventing life-threatening conditions. For example, 785 million people live without access to clean water, so knowing how to administer CPR and AED is important if you’re working in a healthcare facility.

We offer first aid and CPR course classes through Vermont SafetyNet. We also offer BLS Provider classes. Our classes ensure the health and safety of employees and employers. The courses are designed to ensure that those who work in the state understand the proper methods of dealing with an emergency.

Our first aid and CPR course is offer in two different formats. You can choose to take an online class or attend a classroom class, depending on your schedule and needs. The classes take about one hour to complete. Whether you’re a new or experienced first aider, you’ll be able to help the community in a time of need.

CPR Training

first aid and CPR course teaches the American Heart Association Heartsaver course for pediatrics. It also offers free CPR training around the state. Their schedule is available online and contact information can be found at their website. Catalyst Safety Training offers an American Red Cross Pediatric first aid course and is located in Southern Vermont. They are also willing to travel to surrounding areas to conduct the training.

CPR and first aid training is highly recommended for all Vermont residents. CPR is a lifesaving technique used to revive a person during cardiac arrest. It is essential to know CPR because if it is not perform correctly, it could result in severe damage to the brain. If left untreated, a victim of cardiac arrest will die within ten minutes. With CPR, you can restore life by manually pumping oxygenated blood to the vital organs.

Safety Training

We are a safety training and consulting company that has been in the business for over 30 years. They offer cost-effective safety programs that fit any business’s needs. Their consultants will come to your workplace and review your current safety program or outline a new one.

Our Training first aid course provides students with the knowledge to respond to a wide variety of emergencies. It teaches basic care for respiratory, cardiac and other emergencies, including the use of an automated external defibrillator. Participants will also learn how to recognize workplace safety issues, including workplace violence and ergonomics. The course also teaches students about stress management.

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